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SIMFINIX Technologies

SIMFINIX creates technology to accelerate innovation in health services.

SIMFINIX makes it possible to focus on the patient ensuring:

Business scalability: adaptability, omnicanality and modularity. We create sustainable solutions without compromising quality.

Management efficiency: proactive and non-repetitive models guided by deviation detection and smart allocation through geolocation and artificial intelligence.

Transparency in service provision: online information in real time. Registration and accessibility for all the actors of the system.

Tervey by Simfinix

by Simfinix

Modular Online Platform

Comprehensive responses for home and distance health services

Digital Office.

Open and highly flexible architecture aimed at scalability, availability and security

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Modular Microservice Technology

It allows the analysis of performance, of the company's operation, the follow-up of the number of interventions of each operator, of each doctor, of the video consultations or face-to-face consultations, by pathology, by supplier.


Concrete benefits for each of the actors of the system.


Latest technologies, with support of artificial intelligence and automatic learning.


Dashboard that allows the complete approach of the process optimizing resources.
Tervey from Simfinix


It does not require expanding the client's technological structure.


Modular microservice technology that allows a high degree of adaptability.


Medical visits are recorded in a geolocated way and each consultation is evolved until its completion.
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